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We are very happy to announce our official website launch, this is the beginning of a long journey that we want to make with you, together we'll make our deepest musical dreams come true, everything is possible and here we are inspired to join you to make your music happend, to improve the quality of your music, to teach you all about music, to customize your sheetmusic, and more. Our goal is to make your custom requests come true in the highest quality.

We are going to be offering a wide variety of services that you can explore and learn all about in our services page, from there you can hire us to compose, arrange, record, transcribe music and much more. You can also listen and purchase our music, arrangements, and more. We have available sheetmusic aswell, and we will be adding books, study material, tutorials and a high range of valuable features that we will be announcing as we add them.

Our goal is to be your best option to fulfil all your expectations in music.

We love making, playing, teaching, sharing and recording music, it’s our passion and we are always ready to use that devotion as inspiration to make your projects come true.

Our website will be working hand by hand with our YouTube channel, they will complement each other, we all know the wide variety of possibilities that YouTube has to offer, but we also know that there are limitations, we will overcome this limitations using our website.

Suscriptions, online lessons and premium access

You can sing up for online lessons, premium valuable content and special behind the scenes featuring unique material that can only be accessed on our website.

There are different plans available, each one has unique features and you can suscribe to as many as you want at the same time. You can join to our online lessons with daily feedback (monday – friday), and if you like our content and want access to the premium area you can sing up aswell. One of the features of the premium area is that you can help us decide what is done on our website and youtube channel, you can vote, comment and join our community to make a difference by supporting us. The premium area is inspired by patreon, a website where you can directly support artists and interact with them directly in exchange of unique perks, that is what our premium suscription is about. For more details visit our suscription area.

Thank you for visiting us, we hope that you have a great experience with us, feel free to register, comment, listen to our music, subscribe our YouTube channel and send us a message via our contact area.

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