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Social networks are being strongly influenced by a new trend that grows more and more every day, a "meme" known as the "coffin dance", which is also combined with the musical theme "astronomia" by Vicetone and Tony Igy.

Right in the midst of the international quarantine caused by the coronavirus pandemic, this new trend was born, and musicians from all over the world have decided to make their versions of the famous meme, modifying the musical theme according to hundreds of unique characteristics, where they change the genre, instruments, they sort it by difficulty and much more. Each new version proposes something unique and new, and today we are going to meet some of the most outstanding at the time of publication of our article.

PianoDeuss coffin dance but it’s actually sad and emotional

This arrangement for piano solo seeks to present an emotional version as if the coffin meme were a common funeral and not a celebration.

Insane cherry coffin dance but it sounds like animals

This YouTuber edited the sounds of the animals until reaching the pitch of each of the notes used in “astronomy”, the result is interesting and very funny.

Charles Cornell coffin dance but it’s jazz.

Did you imagine you would hear “astronomy” in jazz? Now you can, and it’s quite interesting.

Osi & Yoss coffin dance but it has choir and orchestra

Did you think we would stay out? We also create a unique arrangement, we add chorus and string orchestra, the result you can judge for yourself.

Davie504 coffin dance but it’s on bass

YouTube’s favorite bassist made his own bass arrangement, featuring a progression from easy to difficult, combined with a fun video.

Have you seen a version that you really liked? Share it in the comments for us all to enjoy.

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