We've premiered the first episode of a new series on our YouTube channel!

In this series we will be assuming challenges to compose music that brings to our minds messages, feelings, ideas, and more. In this episode the idea was to make music that feels in tune with night atmosphere, being compatible with movie scenes, videogames and tv shows that are created with a night environment.

Each episode will be a new challenge, giving life to a new message, feeling or memory. Music can tell stories even without uttering a single word, and it is our goal to accomplish this.

You can choose the content of future episodes

We want to involve our followers to choose the theme for which we must create music.

You can comment in this article, or directly in our YouTube videos, and among the comments we will choose a theme to create music in future episodes. It’s up to you to choose our content!

All the music we create in this series will be published in our store for those who enjoy it and want to support us. We will also include the sheetmusic.

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