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It’s your music, and now you can make it better with the help of professionals.

If you have a song/piece that needs improving or to be finished, this is the gig.

With our 3 packages now you can choose what’s best for your music, and you will get exactly what you need to send your creations directly to the mainstream.

In the first package, we’ll evaluate your song/piece and send you our suggestions, tips, and detailed explanations about how to improve/complete it, and all this for an incredible price of only $5!! You will get professionals working on your music for a gift price.

In the second package, we’ll take your song/piece and record our suggestions, this means we’ll take your audio and add chord changes, melody, rhythm changes, and much more. Each song/piece will have custom changes according to its needs. In some cases where the audio provided is not changeable we’ll record separated audio.

In the third package, we’ll produce a HQ audio of your song/piece, we might combine your provided audio with our own additions, or we may use only our recorded work. This will have professional studio-standards and the result will be your improved/finished track ready to be uploaded everywhere.

We recommend to contact us before making a purchase.

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