Now joining our online lessons is just one click away. Do you wish to get music lessons but in a different, personal and comfortable way? Now you can do it in your own home, and with your own schedule.

Piano lessons

You can start our online course to learn piano from your home. Inmediatly after signing up you’ll get access to the piano area which is an ever growing site with tutorials, guides, lessons, videos and a community where you can share your experience with other subscribers and our website crew. You also gain access to daily feedback (weekdays), you can either send videos and we’ll get back to you with comments, corrections, tips and general suggestions, or you can submit all your questions and concerns. We’ll always reply within 24 hours, usually right away.

You can start your piano training from scratch or continue if you already have knowledge. Either way you will not find a higher quality online course like ours. Sign up now and you will get:

  • Daily weekdays feedback.
  • Piano teacher online.
  • Access to the exclusive Piano area.
  • Books, sheetmusic, everygrowing content.
  • No set time, submit your videos, questions and concerns at your own time.
  • Access to ever growing content with tutorials, guides, lessons, videos and much more.
  • Joining a community that you can share your experience with from your home.

How to join:

Head over to the subscriptions plans page and sign up as a piano apprentice.

Other courses

We are currently building other courses, our goal is to offer online lessons to train an aspiring musician in all areas, such as music theory, harmony, counterpoint, music analysis, music forms, ear training, more music instruments and even specialiced areas such as composition, orquestation, and more. But for that we need your help, our website is just getting started and it’s going to take time for us to deliver a high quality program.

We would love to dedicate full time for this purpose, but we need your support to make it happend. There are several ways to support us, and we will name a few of them so that you can pick one that suits you the best:

  • Subscribe to any of our plans: By doing so you fund us so that we can focus our time on upgrades and general growth, and in return you get unique perks. We encourage you to try it.
  • Donate: Making a donation makes a huge difference on our website, if you want to support us this way you can use our PayPal.
  • Purchase our products, or hire our services: Get the highest quality for the lowest price, and by doing so you support our website.
  • Spread the word: Tell your friends, family and everyone you know about us, help us reach everyone and everywhere.

Stay tuned for future updates, we will continue building our other courses and as soon as they are all set we will share the news with you through all our channels.