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The passionate composer of “Osi and Yoss”, Joynner Simanca, created a piece for string orchestra entitled “Memories of Uncertain Times”, in which he seeks to record through dark melodies and tense chords on the world historical impact caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

In the second installment of the YouTube series “TOM”, an acronym for “theme-oriented music”, a program in which its host (Joynner Simanca) takes on the challenge of creating music from a message, idea, theme or feeling; they decided to pay tribute to the victims of the coronavirus, as well as to recreate the feelings of those who still stand and fight every day to overcome this crisis step by step. The result is totally emotional, a piece that expresses the loss, struggle, and hope in the midst of the implacable search to remain safe from an invisible enemy.

Every day is a story, and when we investigate the past we often feel transported through art, which transcends the barriers of time and space to the point of transmitting the feeling and thoughts of those who were physically in a registered event to leave a testimony and an eternal message. “Memories of Uncertain Times” sets out to tell the story of those of us who suffered in some way from the impact of this tragic pandemic, and to express with music the sentiment that at some point has passed through everyone’s heart.

If you want to connect with this emotional composition, you can listen to it in the following player:

Memories of uncertain times Osi & Yoss

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