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Classically trained composer, very pasionate about creating unique music. Able to work with a wide variety of genres and styles, recreating the essence of any music form, age or feeling. He makes his music tell stories, bring up feelings, memories, and sends his audience into a journey that will stay in their heads and hearts for a long time.

As an arranger he’s able to shipshape music in a whole different way, transforming the essence of an existing piece/song and recreating it as something brand new, but keeping the original source as the core.

My music is as unique as the flame that lives in my heart placed  there by God to bring music from his realm.

Is his thought that music can speak what words fail to express, when something is done properly words only combine with music, but even without the words, a story is told. As an instrumentist he plays piano and accordion, both intruments he studied them with classic training.

Yoss has served as a teacher for many years, working with students of all ages, from children to seniors, and has also held the position of director of chamber orchestras.

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