She is an Opera singer, soprano, highly trained across all the repertoir required to stand out in the industry.

Versatility is a word that describes her the best, trained to be an opera singer she’s able to perform high skilled pieces that requieres professional accuracy. She’s also able to perform beautifully in more commercial genres such as pop, rock, jazz, latin styles and much more.

Singing is my way of life, a gift that God put on my heart to worship him through the voice of my soul.

As a part of her classic training she embraced every age, genre, style and language as an everyday labor, and through her church worship band she gained experience in every commercial genre, from pop, gospel, and rock to traditional folk music and even more urban genres that uses younger audiances focused singing such as rap.

Osi dabbled in the world of teaching for all ages, from kids to elder people. She was also trained as a choral director, role that she has been performing for many years.

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